Monday, October 28, 2013

Puray Falls | 69 km | Road, Trail and River Crossings | Oct 6 2013

Awesome road, trail and river crossing with the Salagupi Riders last Oct 6, 2013! Lots of rock gardens, climbs, bamboo and concrete bridges and small dams.

I took off from home in Parang and met the Salugupi people at the corner of Sta. Lucia Mall, 
and then headed back  towards San Mateo, taking Jocson Street which is a scenic ride right beside the banks of Marikina River. We exited at Tumana and took JP Rizal the rest of the way.

Rewarded with the cool, refreshing waters of Puray Falls and a
delicious boodle fight fare - instant noodles, assorted canned goods, steaming hot rice atop a big banana leaf.
Met a new set of like-minded bike enthusiasts to hang out with.

Will be riding with them again on Nov 2 as we tackle Laguna Loop.

Puray Falls Bike Route can be Viewed Here.



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