Monday, October 28, 2013

What went before...

Fat, sluggish, chain-smoking. Yes, that's me.

I've been trying to lose weight for several years. Naturally, I got around to giving jogging a shot. Heck, I signed up at Fitness First in my attempt to get back into shape.

I hated it. The gym was immensely boring. The repetitious exercises and excruciating routines drove me nuts.

Running on a treadmill looking up watching the Food Channel on an LCD TV in front of me was utterly ridiculous.

I would jog around Global City where I used to live and work. But doing laps around High Street was an exercise in futility.

My heart wasn't into it. I knew it was for my own good. But I wasn't having any fun.

I eventually gave up and focused on the sedentary lifestyle of my job, where I enjoy flexible hours and can even work from home if I wanted to.

The job is full of stress. I was wasting away in my gluttony, boredom, laziness and miscellaneous problems.

Then one of my close friends got a bicycle. He encouraged me to get one too. I did. That was May 2013.

More than 3,000 kilometers later, I can no longer remember the last time I smoked a cigarette. I still have my beer belly, but I'm not out of breath anymore walking up a flight of stairs.

I feel good. I feel alive. I've traveled to places I never imagined I would ever visit in my lifetime. I've traveled back to places on a bike that I originally went to in a car but the experience was a lot more enjoyable, enriching and fulfilling.

God knows how much money I poured into this hobby, including mechanical upgrades, miscellaneous gear, gadgets and clothing.

I have nurtured new friends along the way. I have endured incredible challenges - steep climbs, monsoon rain, idiot drivers, smoke and noise pollution. I still crave for more. In between all the dangers and crap that I have to contend with pedaling my way on the road, are the breathtaking views and unique experiences - mountains, tree-lined streets and trails, the unbelievably bright green glow of acres upon acres of rice paddies, the scores of children on the side of the road giving me high fives as I come rolling by, and the stunned faces of the local townsfolk when they learn that I came from over a hundred kilometers away.

It took a bicycle to get me out of the literal and figurative walls that enclosed me in a small space so I can explore the world out there.

So much road and trail. A renewed appreciation of the beauty of our land.

I'll spend the rest of my life exploring. With my bicycle.

Pics from before I became a century rider...

Camp Aguinaldo trail
Q.C. night ride

Parked at my music recording studio in Dapitan St., Manila

Timberland Wall1

The view from Mang Edong's before I set out to climb The Wall.

The eatery at the top of Wall1.

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Timberland basic trail

Basement parking Sapphire building, when we still had an office there.

Night ride to MOA. Stop-over at High Street.

Wall2 on our way to basic trail.

MOA night ride.

Wall1 landmark.


Paint job when I decided I wanted matt black.

At High Street.

Saw this at Tribal Cycle Shop at Tumana, Marikina.


Camp Aguinaldo trail.

Night ride. At Greenhills, waiting for the rain to stop.

UP circle.

At shell station Fairlane. On our way to Timberland.


The view overlooking Marikina from the Timberland trails.

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