Monday, November 4, 2013

Laguna Loop Again | 197 km | 2 Nov 2013

What a vacation!

I was concerned whether or not I could survive two century rides in two consecutive days, having just endured the Reverse Sierra Madre Loop last Nov 1st.

My fellow Centurion Nowie and I joined the Salagupi Riders (A group of bikers mostly from Taytay, Angono) last Nov 2 for another trip around Laguna de Bay. We all assembled at Jollibee Taytay. There were a total of 17 riders on this epic ride!

Jollibee Taytay assembly area

Me getting ready.

A little past 5 am.

We started to head out at 6 am:

We took a slightly different route on this second trip around the bay - bypassing Tikling, Antipolo. Instead, we took the road down through Angono and Binangonan in order to reach Morong, where we had a stop-over and breakfast.

Breakfast with a great view.

From Morong, it was a straightforward route via Manila East Road which included a 9 kilometer steep uphill climb. 

Somewhere along the steep climb up.

Upon reaching the top, there's only one direction but down and it was an awesome adrenaline rush for the next 7 kilometers, and we rewarded ourselves with a delicious lunch at the end of the descent.

While waiting for the others to descend from the mountain.

Lunch time.

And then we were off again pedaling our way towards Pagsanjan:

We suffered a few mechanical breakdowns, from flat tires, broken chains to minor accidents along the way but we all got home safe. There was a heavy downpour as it grew dark so we decided to keep together the rest of the way with blinkers flashing in order to keep safe.

When we reached Skyway, the Salagupi riders took a turn heading in the direction of Taytay while Nowie and I traversed further down Skyway. We parted ways and I took the slow, lonely ride along C5 going home.

I got home past midnight - tired, aching and content.

I have just pedaled over 300 kilometers the past two days, enjoying the beauty of our country. I can't wait for our Baguio ride!

Pics from around the Bay...

Late night dinner during the ride back home.
With Nowie at the power plant.

We were all soaking wet and exhausted. This is us having dinner.

The night ride home.


Henry, my high school buddy.

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