Sunday, November 3, 2013

Reverse Sierra Madre Loop | 104 km | Nov 1 2013

We took on Sierra Madre last Sept 28, 2013.

Taking advantage of the long holiday, Harry and I decided to go back to Tanay last Nov. 1st and tackle the route in reverse, and Tats came along for the ride!

The most challenging part of the route was when we turned towards Sampaloc Road and endured the steep climb.

If you manage to conquer the climb, you will be rewarded with a smooth, pleasant downhill run all the way to Sampaloc town proper. We had our lunch there, before we started to loop back to Manila via Marcos Highway.
Harry experienced mechanical problems along the way, and we were on the look-out for any bike shop so he can get his brakes fixed. But it wasn't until we were in Cogeo that we saw a shop that was still open on the holiday.

Here's the map of the ride:


While waiting for Harry and Tats at Junction.


Here we are at Sampaloc.

Heavy fog descended during a downpour along the road back (Marcos Highway).

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