Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Return to Puray Falls | 60+ km | 14 Dec 2013

This was my second time at Puray Falls. The first time I went there, I joined the Salagupi Riders.

This time, I rode with my fellow Centurions Harry, Nowie, Tats and Christopher.

The first couple of kilometers was all-road. as we took a scenic route along Marikina River. We exited at Tumana and pedaled along J.P. Rizal Avenue as we pass through San Mateo. We turned left at Rodriguez Highway and right at Mayon Avenue and just followed the road.

We had a stop-over at a supermarket to stock up on instant noodles, assorted canned goods and liquids.

We eventually hit the dirt trail, and it was a series of rock gardens and several river crossings. The river was tamer this time around, and there were portions when you can successfully pedal your way across the river crossing. In most instances though, we had to stop and carry our bikes across.

The basketball court.
When we arrived at the end of the trail, there's a house there near a basketball court. The owner set up a nice bike rack nearby too. You can ask the owner to cook your food, plus a pot of rice too. We paid his family P1,000.00 before we left.

Puray Falls is a couple of meters away from the house. Its a nice, simple hike along the river, plus a short uphill climb on a mountainside, then the final descent onto Puray Falls.

The water was cold and refreshing, soothing our tired, aching bodies after a long ride.

If you plan on visiting Puray yourself, start your ride as early as you can, so you can spend a lot of time at the falls. You don't want to be in the middle of the forest at night since the far-flung barrios are few and far-between and have no electricity. Plan on leaving the falls on or before 3pm-ish so you still have some daylight left as you head back to civilization.

Now for the pics!

Had an early morning breakfast at my local McDonalds before I headed off to Bayan, Marikina to meet the rest of the gang.

Pissed me off to see garbage near the falls when we arrived. For crying out loud, keep you fucking garbage to yourselves.

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