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Subic Long Ride | 3 May 2014

A salute to the fallen...
Going as far as my legs and mechanical steed can take me.

My band had this gig in Booze Bar, Olongapo City last Saturday. Since I always wanted to bike to Subic, I thought this would be a great chance to do just that.

Nowie and I met at Manila at 4 am and had breakfast before
heading off to Subic.
So, me and fellow rider Nowie packed our gear for what would turn out to be another epic, scorching hot long ride.

The plan was for my bandmates to take my car to Subic, get settled in Ocean View Resort, while waiting for us to arrive.

I left home at around 2:30 am to hook up with Nowie in Manila at around 4am. We had an early breakfast, and then headed out towards McArthur Highway on our way towards Bulacan at around 4:30 am. 

At a 7-11 at Bocaue, Bulacan to get our bearings
Rest stop at an intersection. One road goes to Olongapo
City 9 km away, and the other road goes towards SBMA.
This was also the spot where I noticed I had a flat tire.
We already stowed a lot of our personal stuff in my car the other night, so we were carrying a lot less load on our bikes on this ride.

By the time we reached Pampanga, it was a blistering 38 degrees C. It was a mostly flat ride but we knew that the last few kilometers would be an uphill ride to Olongapo.

I suffered a flat tire along the way. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I changed the flat tire this time around. I owe that to the several times I had to change flat tires on previous long rides.
After 11 hours pedaling our way under the cruel, blazing sun, we arrived at Harbor Point Mall inside SBMA at 3 pm to meet the rest of the crew at a Tokyo Tokyo branch to chow down on much-needed food and liquid.

After the late lunch, Nowie and I pedaled our way to Ocean View Resort where the rest of the gang rented a nipa hut.

We had a nice swim in the ocean, saw a couple of huge, dead jellyfish, eyeballed the ladies, and geared up again later in the evening and headed off to Booze Bar so my band can play.

After a head-banging performance, we were spent. We didnt stay long since we really wanted to head back to the resort and hit the sack.

The next day, my bandmates left early at around 6 am since our drummer had to be back in Manila ASAP. Nowie and I rested a while longer, and headed out around 10 am towards SBMA for some last-minute shopping, before going to the Victory Liner bus terminal.

We arrived at the Victory Liner station in Espana, Manila around 2:30pm-ish. I couldn't go home just yet since I had an errand to run at my former music studio nearby. After I took care of some business, I pedaled another 19 km back home in Marikina.

Nowie and I with the rest of the band when we arrived at
Harbor Point for a late lunch at Tokyo Tokyo.
This was another great ride. Really pushed the limits of my endurance. The heat was unforgiving. It's awesome to think that 3 or 4 times before, I went to Olongapo driving my car. Going back to this place on a bicycle this time around was a blast!

I hope to go on this ride again with my other Centurions soon.

My gadgets - old 320GB iPod, speaker (I dont use earphones),
and a power bank. I take pics with my Nokia Lumia and
Samsung Note. I run my Endomondo app on my Lumia.

Guiguinto, Pampanga,

Finding shade from the 38degree heat.

Somewhere in Pampanga.

Pampanga, baby!

San Fernando, Pampanga

The home stretch - Found a spot to rest after conquering the
uphill challenge. 

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