Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nuvali Loop | 1 June 2014

Nuvali GPS Route
My fellow riders and I started the month of June by pedaling our way to Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna and explored the trails and bird sanctuary within the expanse of posh villages and subdivisions there.

As usual, the heat was unrelentless.

I'm changing the way I prepare my gear for long rides. Since I'm essentially a century rider, I think I'd be better off getting myself a proper touring bike. I'm actually saving up to buy a Surly Troll. My dream ride is to go on bike tours cross-country lasting several days or weeks. I'm really itching to one day be able to travel like a rubber tramp, camping out, visiting far-flung locales and just enjoying life out there.

Check this out:

Ain't she a beauty?!

At the moment, I try to avoid using a backpack (with water bladder) on my long rides. Since my current MTB doesn't have water bottle holders, I make use of my Deuter rear rack bag to hold one water bottle, and hooking up another water bottle underneath my saddle somewhere.

Dumping all my gear on the bike itself so I can free myself the burden of a backpack.

I bought a Larga gas tank where I place my cellphone and multi-tools. I also hooked up a small bag on my handlebars where I keep my wallet, loose change, power bank and other small items. The Deuter bag at the rear carries a water bottle, spare tube, t-shirt, and a small towel.  If you look closer at the picture above, you'll see a another, smaller water bottle attached to my seatpost.

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