Tuesday, December 30, 2014

To Zambales and Back Again


Ride to Zambales & Back

So, Topher, Eli, Herman and I decided to bike to an awesome resort at Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambales last 26 December.

All the pictures are here!

Took us around 14 hours to arrive at destination. Had to change a flat tire along the way.

Spent the whole day last 27 December swimming, surfing, drinking and having a blast.

Worth every pedal stroke getting here...
Me, Herman, Eli

Campfire near the beach at night is the shit!

I was already bent on biking back to Manila on the 28th. So, while I geared up in preparation for my solo bike ride back home, the rest of my buddies visited this waterfall spot nearby, and then they took the bus back to Manila in the evening. I wished I was there with them, but I had to leave early.

Anyway, off I went towards Olongapo at around 1 pm and arrived in the city 3 hours later, where I checked into a hotel for an overnight stay. Went around town in the evening...

Woke up late the following day. I wanted to leave at around 6 am, but ended up pedaling my way towards Manila at 8 am.

Encountered mechanical problems during the start of the uphill climb just outside of the city center. I was realigning my rear hydraulic disk brake when I accidentally turned the wheel while my finger was in between the rotor, so I suffered a nasty finger gash. Anyway, I managed to fix my bike (and my finger) and off I went.

Arrived back home in Marikina past 7 pm. Tired, grimy but with a big, stupid grin on my face.

Had fun riding with the guys, and had just as much fun riding back home solo. What an amazing way to end the year. Looking forward to more rides this 2015.

Next up...Luzon Loop in April 2015. Yeah!


What I Was Carrying
(Inventory of my stuff from the top of my head)

  • My Surly Troll, Deore 2014 Groupset (3x10), Larga Handlebar bag, Deuter rear rack bag, Deuter frame bag, Yanho top tube bag
  • Mac Air laptop (Yeah, since I still had to make sure I can attend to urgent work matters just in case, which I did)
  • Some generic 7-in tablet which I never got to use actually
  • My old-school Apple 120GB iPod & speaker
  • 2 power banks
  • 3 Camelback water bottles
  • Samsung Note
  • Small Sony video camera
  • Nokia Lumia to run my Endomondo app, GPS
  • Huawei portable wifi modem (Globe Tattoo) - Good thing I had this, was having difficulty getting connected from my Smart Nokia Lumia in Zambales
  • Patch kit, spare inner tube, allen wrench set
  • Swiss army knife
  • Bike helmet
  • An assortment of clothing
  • Blinkers, front and back
  • Police flashlight attached to handlebar
  • Cateye wireless cyclometer

Endomondo Map:

Marikina - Manila - Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambales

Herman, Eli & Me at luneta KM 0 Marker
before heading out towards Zambales 
Checking into a hotel in Olongapo
for an overnight stay

Yep, flat tire...

Prepping my bike at home

Waiting for the guys at KM 0 at 4 am. Man, this place has become a dump.
Manila is a cesspool. Fuck this capital city.

My Mac Air and portable wifi modem. Getting work done
at Dinalupihan before having lunch...

Was already on my way to Olongapo by the time
they arrived at the waterfall.

Casualty of stupidity - my wounded finger after
I did something stupid fixing my bike. Oh, that's my
American Bulldog.

387 km
Marikina - Luneta - Zambales - Marikina

At the entrance to the hotel where I checked in

Lol surfer dude
War face!

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  1. Hey man, nice ride.. Kelan susunod? May bahay kame dyan sa Iba and I'm planning to ride, solo if necessary.. Want a free tour of Iba? Lets go! :D