Sunday, May 24, 2015

Saturday Morning Ride to Shotgun | 23 May 2015

Saturday, 23 May 2015I wasn't able to ride my bike in quite a while and my body & soul were aching for even a short trip anywhere.

So, when my friends told me they planned on a ride up this route the biking community called "Shotgun", I said "hell yeah!" and I was naturally curious what all the hype was all about this place, since I've never been there before.

So, after a quick breakfast at Aling Tina's, we started the climb...and shit! I wasn't prepared for the unforgiving ascent. It just kept going up and up and up.
GPS Route Here.

Anyway, we eventually stopped around 2 kilometers later to rest and hydrate. There was a waterfall nearby so we went there to cool off. Unfortunately, it was all dried up.

We couldn't stay long, as my buddies had places to go, things to do. Going home was the great part, since it was downhill all the way!

Some pics...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Biking Around Manila | 3 May 2015

Yes, it was the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, but I felt compelled to take my bicycle out for a ride since I haven't been on the saddle for more than a week.

Besides, I was bound to find a place on the road that would show the fight on a big screen somewhere.

So, I left the house and pedaled my way towards Manila, and I had no pre-planned route in mind. I told myself that I would figure it all out when I arrive at the capital city.

I also had my handlebar-mounted action camera with me, and I took a lot of footage the entire ride.

Unfortunately, for some strange reason I still can't explain, none of the videos were saved. The only record of my ride was the series of pictures and short videos taken from my phone.

And this was my roundabout route around Manila on my GPS app.

Got the chance to watch the fight when I passed by Malacanang Palace complex at St. Jude's church that set up a big screen TV inside their courtyard. By the time the fight started, the courtyard and the street was full of people witnessing Manny Pacquiao's heart-breaking loss.