Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lifting my bike over my head was a ritual

Lifting my bike during my Laguna Bay loop

Before my all-steel, heavy-as-a-sack-of-cement touring bike, I rode around with this nimble, dirt jump Felt mountain bike.

I hit upon this idea of lifting my MTB over my head and getting my picture taken in the act of hurling it down some ravine! Unfortunately, the prospect of attempting that stunt now with my Surly Troll with all the gear attached to my steel horse would, I fear, cause me bodily injury.

But it's fun to reminisce. Check out my bike-lifting feats of strength!

Me about to hurl my bike at the lake during my
Jala Jala, Laguna ride

Lifting my bike during my bike ride to Kaybiang Tunnel

This was taken on a different Kaybiang Tunnel ride

There were locals in a tricycle who saw me doing this and
thought I was going insane and about
to throw 
my bicycle in the water!

During my bike trip to Puray Falls

Another bike throwing stunt at Tagaytay

When we rode to Thunderbird Resort

Sacrificing my bike to the gods of pavement and trail -
during another trip to Thunderbird Resort

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