Sunday, May 10, 2020

It has been a looooong while

Because of responsibilities, obligations, work, career, and life in general, I have been out of the bicycle saddle for YEARS now.

And now in the midst of a pandemic, I have found myself in lockdown for more than a month now.

But I have finally started to do something to get myself back on two pedals. My Surly touring bike is in storage at a friend's house. But I have bought myself a second-hand folding bike in the meantime. I have scrounged around for all my cycling gear that has been gathering dust for a long time now. I am not in any position to go out on any multi-day solo bike rides for the foreseeable future for a variety of reasons, and with the lockdown still in place, I won't be able to do so anyway even if I could.

What I HOPE to be able to do soon when restrictions are eased, and people can start to get back into some semblance of recreation, is to just get out of the apartment and go on bike rides around the city to exercise my long-dormant muscles.

I hope that sooner or later, the virus will be eradicated, and we can all regain our freedom to go out, seek adventure, and enjoy the rest of our lives in peace and happiness.

In the meantime, I will be making preparations, and watching adventure cycling videos to continue to inspire me.

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